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Intelligent Play

Ingeniously good games for hands-on fun.

Get inspired to play!

Games that will get you thinking—fast!

Let your hands and mind play together with a game system built to challenge your spatial reasoning, logic, and creative problem solving skills! From sequences to strategy to mystifying maze games, you'll love stretching your imaginative and critical thinking powers to play! Be inspired by captivating characters, enchanted worlds, and expandable content on your Sifteo Cubes. Collaborate (or compete!) with friends and family for a game night that merges tabletop favorites and the most intelligent technology around.


Noodle around with
Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo Cubes are highly tactile, with a gestural interface designed for hands-on play and multilateral thinking. The responsive technology provides players with immediate feedback, allowing for quick experimentation and an action-packed game experience. Imagine picking up letters and moving them around to make words, or picking up a number to experiment until you solve an equation. You can do it with Sifteo Cubes.


What people are saying about

Sifteo's Intelligent Play

These magical cubes engage all of your thinking skills in a fun, hands-on way.
- ThinkGeek

An endless variety of suprisingly deep puzzles and investigations of the universe of sound and reason.
- MajorFun.com

Sifteo Cubes bring you an entirely new way to game — or to learn. Or to do both at the same time.
- Cool Gizmo Toys

The educational benefits of game-based learning are far reaching and Sifteo Cubes satisfy every thinking skill going from strategy and planning to creativity and design.
- Teach Primary

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