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Sifteo Cubes

award-winning interactive game system

Sifteo Cubes are classic play, made interactive. This award-winning, tactile entertainment system is unlike any game platform you've ever tried, yet you’ll be hooked in seconds.


Recommended for ages


  • Neighbor
  • Press
  • Tilt
  • Shake

New way to play

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Get your hands & mind moving

Sifteo Cubes are a magical new interactive game system built on the timeless play patterns of legos, building blocks, and domino tiles.

Tilt, flip, shake, neighbor, press! Sifteo Cubes communicate wirelessly and respond to each other and your gestures. Play an ever expanding catalog of games that challenge and delight. Download additional games and add more cubes to expand the possibilities.

Great Fun Right Out of the Box

Sifteo Cubes come pre-installed with 4 puzzle-packed games that work right out of the box.

The ultra-compact Sifteo Base runs the show: it stores the games, plays game audio, and can connect to your computer via a USB cable. Purchase additional games via the Sifteo desktop software and install them by syncing the Sifteo Base to your computer.

Sifteo Cubes are completely portable, so family and friends can play together, wherever!

Pre-Installed Games
  • Chroma_splash_box
    Shatter and clear Chromits to help Lumis the Star break free!
  • Code_cracker_box
    Crack the code to unlock the treasures of the vault!
  • Cube_buddies_box
    The Cube Buddies are all mixed up. Wrangle their faces back into place!
  • Word_caravan_box
    Be a wayfaring word expert as you travel the Silk Road!
Sifteo desktop software
  • Download the Sifteo desktop software to browse and buy games and sync the Sifteo Base to your computer.
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More Cubes = More Fun

The Sifteo Cubes Interactive Game System comes with 3 cubes, but more cubes = more fun!
Expand your set up to 12 cubes to unlock new challenges and amplify gameplay.


Big Tech in a Little Package

Each sturdy 1.7 inch Sifteo Cube is packed with the latest technology, including:

  • Icon_3axis
    Precision 3-axis accelerometer to respond to motion
  • Icon_touch
    Touch sensitive screen
  • Icon_sensors
    Proximity sensors to detect nearby cubes
  • Icon_color
    Full color TFT LCD Display
  • Icon_wireless
    2.4 GHz wireless radio to communicate with the Sifteo Base
  • Icon_firmware
    Some pretty insane firmware and electronics to make all this possible!