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About Sifteo

Classic Play, Made Interactive

We are geeks who love technology. We grew up with Nintendo and hacked our TI calculators. At the same time we‘re nostalgic for the days of playing blocks and board games with our families. A time when "social games" meant a game of Hot Potato. We’re grown up now, and we see our own children immersed in tablets and phones - sometimes shutting out the people and learning moments around them.

We wondered if there is a better way to use technology to bring families and friends together to play.

We believe there is, and we built it.

Sifteo Cubes bridge the gap between digital and physical play by taking the form of classic, tactile play objects.

Rather than burying your head in a screen, Sifteo Cubes facilitate a shared play experience with face-to-face collaborative play. It’s the kind of active play from our childhoods that we want to give our children, infused with 21st century interactive magic that kids (and adults) love.

Most importantly, we are parents. We’ve done our job when we see kids having a ton of fun playing with Sifteo Cubes, and parents feeling good knowing they are providing an enriching experience for their family.


We've got a big vision, and we get to (have to) push the boundaries of technology and design.
We're crazy ambitious.

Our vision and products require a heterogenous mix of extremely bright people working on extremely hard problems in electrical engineering, software theory and design, user experience, game design, art and more. Luckily, Sifteo is just these sorts of people. (If you are this sort of person, drop us a line. You should work here.)

Core Values


and that about sums it up.


See how it began


Sifteo began when co-founders Dave Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi teamed up as graduate students at the MIT Media Lab. They wanted to rethink human-computer interaction by designing new, physical interfaces. One afternoon they sat around a table in the lab's kitchen and imagined sorting through a pile of digital data as if it were a pile of LEGOs. The idea for Sifteo Cubes was born.

A few generations of prototypes later, Dave was invited to share their work by giving a presentation on the main stage at the TED conference in 2009 — the talk went viral and was rated in the “top 5 most engaging TED talks” of all time. This public enthusiasm galvanized the pair to found Sifteo, Inc., and four months later Dave and Jeevan were at work in San Francisco building a company. With a growing team of collaborators, Sifteo Cubes took shape to become a first-of-its-kind, truly hands-on game system.

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David Merrill

President and co-founder of Sifteo.
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Jeevan Kalanithi

CEO and co-founder of Sifteo
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We are proud to be supported by multiple research grants from the National Science Foundation and venture financing from True Ventures and Foundry Group.

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Advisors & board members

Tami Bhaumik

Brand and Marketing Guru
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Alex Gurevich

Principal at Javelin Venture Partners
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Jason Mendelson

Managing Director of Foundry Group
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Andrew 'bunnie' Huang

Author of Hacking the Xbox
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Simon Fleming Wood

CMO of Pandora
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Alan Henricks

Experienced Silicon Valley executive
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Puneet Agarwal

General Partner at True Ventures
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Sifteo is located in San Francisco, CA, near AT&T ballpark, and easily accessible by Caltrain, BART, car, bike, foot, and watercraft.

Our roof is also big and flat in case you have and know how to land a helicopter.

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